The Dusty Fork in the Road that Changed Everything

Our brave beginnings began innocently enough, enjoying the odd weekend away from the city, visiting our friend and his family on their farm.We were soon deeply addicted to country life.

For varying reasons, the idea blossomed and grew that we would come to work with our friend/new boss for a year or so, giving us the opportunity to learn  farming first-hand as we helped him to bring an old farm back to life.

We were all confident about our ability to make a change in each others’ lives… and that our enthusiasm and willingness to learn would compensate for our lack of knowledge.

The decision was made and our Life journey began – along the alternative direction we were destined to travel.

Failure,Success Sign.600x350

If you revisit my website from time to time, you will discover more about the background to the stories, additional  excerpts and developments that happened (often without our volition… or desire) as we learned the ropes and knots involved in our farming ‘apprenticeship’ .

Book One

Brave Beginnings

is the name of the first part of our learning curve, experienced in the vast Australian State of Western Australia. This  series contains intriguing chapter titles, such as –

Kangaroo Rescue,

Life is Mostly Froth and Bubble,

A Little Honey called Candy,

The Bush Gymkhana,

Click Go the Shearers

– and more… quite a few more (shaping up to be around 20 at this stage).

I promise my readers more tears – of laughter and of sorrow – because that’s just how Life is.

Please get ready to enjoy!


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