Welcome to my world where West met South – of Australia, that is.


This WAS my vision of the front cover.

and I said only time would tell if this cover would be my final choice. Close, but it wasn’t!


Book One cover Tablo

It’s self-published NOW – and to tempt you to be able to read ALL of this first book, I thought you may enjoy to read a little of what it’s about, some background on the stories involved and a few excerpts to whet your appetite to read it all.

If you want to know some of the outstanding differences between urban and rural life; some of the practicalities of taking that step into leather or rubber boots; the joys of raising kangaroos and other beautiful treasures; the learning curve that just keeps on keeping on, even 40+ years later – you’re in for a treat. If you are petrified about being countrified, you can read all about it instead – right here, right now – or at any time of your choosing.

Come join me as I wander the paths that were always rough and cracked and full of potholes and sometimes flooded and muddy, but always – without exception – an amazing journey leading to the ultimate satisfaction and gratitude for being who I am and where I am today, and all of the tomorrows I may have.

Oops, just a moment.. where is it for sale?

Well, it’s here on Amazon

and here on Smashwords

and here on Barnes and Noble

and here on Scribd

I am SO determined to share my stories, you can even read the whole of this first book for FREE on the writing platforms of Tablo and Wattpad

… don’t say I never give you any choices!




7 thoughts on “Home

  1. It is looking great so far. Reminds me of the time 42 year ago, when I got married, my husband and I lived on a sheep farm for more than 2 years. Very different in contrast as we were never farmers, but shared other farmer’s experiences.

    • Thanks Marilyn. Just can’t help writing about this great lifestyle… so much is put into proper perspective when you’re dealing with ‘real’ life issues daily.

  2. Interesting subject Christine. Must have been a challenging but fun childhood.

    • Oh yes, Gabi. I learned love and caring and kindness, not only to humans, but most especially to animals and little children.

  3. Christine, I’ll be looking forward to reading of your ventures and adventures. Love the title!

    • Thank you David. That title makes me chuckle every time I think about it – so apt with my Scottish ancestry and Danish by marriage/Aussie by birth heritage. Think the Aussie bit must wear the heaviest responsibility for whatever follows!

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